Because I advocate building your offense army in your capital, there are limited building slots, and granaries are very important for supporting super hammers. That means we don’t want to concentrate on crop lands as much as the gold users would, but instead focus on other resources. regards, interesting… where can i buy the book? Just my opinion on this. I was previously far from top 10000 even. Cancel Unsubscribe. Follow this guide step by step and you will be able to send out your settlers on day 7, or day 8 tops. Don't worry about rushing TTs. I guess the additional 20 xp could get you to the next hero level quicker, which would mean that you'll get the additional resource production (4*9 ,or 4*12 for egys hero, resources per hour) from your hero a little bit earlier. This guide will go over the basic mechanics of the game, along with build guides for efficiency in order to develop into a powerful account. Game Tour: This is a small tutorial of Travian. But have you remembered to put in a vital thing for troops and upgrading non – wheat resource fields – the crop always goes down, no matter what. Don't risk a ban either. can u plz write an guide for travian 4? I will be thanks alot if you tell us a good strategy, Hey Peter, this guide is AWESOME, long time ago, I used to suck, but now I’m in the top 300! - Main building level 6-10. While this guide has flaws and a lot of improvement is possible - it's still a very good starting point. Disadvantages 3 3. I really really want it If you can afford buying more gold then 15 cropper is your best choice. or even 8th day? If we are late even more than 30 days of server starting then its sure to be a farm from beginning to the ending of the game. 3.4 Whether to choose a 15 cropper or a 9 cropper? and if the above plan is done how much time and troops can the WW holder looses in recovering supposing he is around Lvl 85 With oases not respawning troops during the initial beginner's protection period and the heroes regaining all health when leveling, raid starts will be much more common for all tribes. Conquering calculator. You first choose the tribe of attacker and the defender and the attack type (normal, raid). Loading... Unsubscribe from Travian Movies? The goal in the first three days is to maximize resource production along with CP production – with slight changes obviously. This should be perfectly fine time considering the majority of players are able to send out their settlers on day 9 or later. Some news, strategy and signature will be available too to enrich your knowledge in playing Travian Online Browser game. Troops. it was great great great . defense calculator. And that is it. You will have crannies to protect your resources and once you are done with the protection you can start trading for profit: either profit for you or profit for your team mates. i wish he played it since in t4 rewards are greater in tasks and adventure plus club of clubswinger kills entire army in early game but for sure it takes a while to get rid of your farms hero. How could someone follow this guide and can settle 2nd village on day 6th? GG is relatively quicker to build, and really in a short time the GG will be replaced. There are no tasks you need to do within these adventures. and has 5 million defenders with nearly crop consumption of 3 doing here?”. Adventures are similar to a quest system for your hero. Available in Codex Victoria only. I would suggest building enough troops early to carry 4K resources and hero bomb a few oases while keeping your troops busy raiding the oases others have cleared the rest of the time. i love this beacuse you sayed very usefull things that noone 3.2 You don’t buy gold and you want to be dependent on your own production. Mainbuilding 10 (even 11), market up to 7, Embassy up to 3. no embassy because you demolish that slot for stable to produce troops. I would suggest (this requires levelling your hero, so add the points as you level) putting two levels worth of points (8 total) into resources on a speed server and doing about 4 … IF they made it like you suggested i.e. Cranny 7 is not bad with 800 res per cps - but still there's a lot other buildings that fall cheaper. I might edit this guide to fit the current version of Travian but for that I will have to try out some New ideas to make sure they work. Often this is a mistake. Remember that you get 500 CP from completing residence level 10. Of course for non-gold user path, might not be easy. 4. The basic features are similar to those in the previous year's special, Codex Victoria, including: Ancient Europe map 87 conquerable regions that produce victory points New conquering system Confeder… Sorry if i am being mistaken but as mentioned in travian guide Just remember, none of the other servers will necessarily have such an in-depth guide. - DO NOT overflow resources: set up an alarm or use the master builder gold function if the storage is about to overflow at night. This is a site about browser online game „Travian”. This sounds good, but the setback is catas can only do random hits. - After each hero level: put 1 point in fighting strength, 3 points in resource production. A site which present hints, tips, guides, scripts and graphic packs for Travian (online browser game). Calculators. Moreover cant we just cata or chief without giving a celebration in brewry. That said… a Travian strategy book would be cool to have on the book shelf! Also, npc is a key while settling. Thanks for sharing them… I’m quite bad at travian but maybe when I grow and move to own house I can say good bye to life outside Travian and grow top player with your tips =]. Extended Combat Simulator. There are much more you can find here, such as fancy profile for you ingame profile or some free cool stuff to be downloaded Anyway, did you go up to such a high level like you are or did you use cheats? Seeing 15c produces more resource than any other type of village due to two boost buildings instead of one and that you can grab up to 150% oases vs 75% for non-wheat. You actually save 1560 resources by skipping the tutorial, because you have to pay resources to get the lvl 2 cropfield, lvl 2 woodcutter and lvl 1 rally point. buildings. Settling in your first server is not the key importance, if you're new to game, try find friends and maybe you could dual with a player who can buy gold. , nice guide, I have read the whole of it and it helped me a lot…. You’ll find this is a complete guide, broken into eight chapters :-. What is the timeline for this guide?I have finished all the resource and CP buildings (5.5 days) following the guide strictly, but my CP is 1118/2000 (I got 100 CP from daily mission). Troops 4 4. also! GUIDE FOR DEFENDERS. You need quite a big army to raid an oasis with profit. This is why you will outrun them in settling a second village race if you follow this strategy. Personally when i settled in 5.5 days on last com6 i didnt do toturial and got far ahead in cp from the start because i had ress for crannys on first day so i am always gonna skip unless they change something@stonie. The next step is to go for a level 10 residence and train 3 settlers. There are much more you can find here, such as fancy profile for you ingame profile or some free cool stuff to be downloaded I like to send six waves which will take out 12 croplands. Calculating the return of investment is easy. now in day 2 i have 20 clubswinger!!! If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. You may check how much CP you still need by going to your Residence > Culture points. Let’s jump right into it. Egyptians are one of the new factions available from Fire and Sand version, along with the Huns. offense calculator. Tables. Now that we have completed our one-minute-long tutorial it’s time to do the next step. Had to quit because of issues I can't talk about here (talk to TEN if you want to know why). To find an answer, select a parent category and then child categories until the answer appears below. But being unable to aim means I seriously lose my offense capability. Good Peter! This is where you figure out how much money you are willing to put into the game: - 3.1. Travian USX Roman Part 1 - SIM SIM!! There are much more you can find here, such as fancy profile for you ingame profile or some free cool stuff to be downloaded million.These were true when i destroyed his GW but what if i had destroyed GG and grainaries with my ally? buildings. hi peter .can i ask a question about your book ? Obviously there are accounts that will be able to settle even faster than you with this guide but that requires either a ton of gold, boost accounts aka techs or just having more luck in raiding. This guide will help you to get your settlers running as fast as possible, with absolutely minimum effort put into the account and its development. If you are using Travian Plus, it is illogical not to use FarmList. i love this website! For little is known about their pros and cons, it is difficult to analyse them deeply. ), - Market place level 2-8. The aim in this build is to build up your infrastructure in multiple villages as fast as possible to the point that in one short burst you can queue lots of troops for a prolonged period of time. By clicking on your rally point in the village center (the buildings overview tab), you will access your rally point. This should leave you with 100-150 clubbs to raid with once the protection is over. Choose setup option 3.1 if you use gold and 3.2 if you don’t use gold. "4x Wood cutter level 5 ; 4x Clay pit level 5 ; 4x Iron mine level 4 ; 5x Crop land level 3, 1x Crop land level 5" --> Residence level 10 --> Train 3 settlers, Thank you for taking the time to read this! Destroying GW hurts the most because its the longest to build. - If you don’t have enough CP by now, you might want to start upgrading your academy up to level 10 and build a Town hall. About the decision to not skip the tutorial: I wonder if a case can not be made that skipping is actually better. I have played travian 5 years- 8 servers and have allways been in top 10 since i read this strategy. Anyway nice guide. did you play with or without the use of gold?and in what ways did you deviate from Sim_to_win's guide?and do you think there is any way you could have cut back on the settling time even more? Whether you buy gold or not ; whether you want to go with a raiding start or only be dependent on your own production ; whether to choose a 15 cropper or 9 cropper village. On this website, I invite you to stick around and browse the strategies I used for dominating the Travian server. Maybe not a bad idea for attacks on a capital,since randomly targeting a field will hit a random field,all of which are wheat since most good players keep there non wheat fields at level 0. Now this is especially great if you have a decent amount of gold. Firstly, vicinity reports are not received at all, like the reports you get when trading or attacking/defending. That is the hours required for the investment to return. Some news, strategy and signature will be available too to enrich your knowledge in playing Travian Online Browser game. Travian Strategy Guide Teuton Strategy Full Server Hello everyone, ... Then look for an oasis to clear. I might edit this guide to fit the current version of Travian but for that I will have to try out some New ideas to make sure they work. It will be useful for my friends ram hammers You need gold, there is no other way around it. Please do you have anystrategy for travian version 4 (T4) ? Basically you only want to take the simming route since you will be able to settle before the beginner's protection is over. And if you are an offensive player, this guide is a MustRead for you! So you know you’re not reading some silly blog written by an amateur wanna be pro player. The simulator can be accessed from any rally point in any village, so there are no limitations in that area. Required fields are marked *, Written by REAL Top Players on the Travian Server. But you can take these concepts presented here and apply them even on later Travian versions because most of the game fundamentals have barely changed. Although now that the Travian has changed since I wrote this guide, I believe there is a lot of room for improvement. 2) Since crop fields are higher than the other resource fields, are you using NPC trading to exchange crop for the other resources? Thank you so much about this book and this information. interesting read, what can you say about using BOTs to gain medals.. are they effective? 2.: This is the header menu bar. Starving troops are not really the issue, because they starve anyway regardless of GG capacity. Because last time i destroyed two GW but if we destroy GG and Grainaries after scouting wont troops starve there. Thanks for writing this book. Woodcutter gid 1 Prerequisites - Clay Pit gid 2 Prerequisites - Iron Mine gid 3 Prerequisites - Cropland gid 4 Prerequisites - Sawmill gid 5 Prerequisites Woodcutter lvl 10,Main Building… - ACTIVATE 25% resource bonuses for all the resources. - DO NOT extend your beginner’s protection. Follow the order of the tasks until you have done level 2 resource tiles. Usually, the investment is not returned for fields greater than 4. offense calculator. For 2x and 3x guide you need to scroll down. I played with gold, won second gladiator auction on that server so used quite a bit early, however i didnt buy cages to clean oasisI did, on the first day and i think thats some of the most important aswell as all fields to 3 since they give more cp then aswellAfter that i did almost no cp, focused alot on ress to not fall behind and got a small number of troops ready to raid around me.Sadly i quickly found out that cages cost like 10k for 5 in the start and didnt wanna pay that so didnt raid as much as i wanted to.Anyways after that it dosnt matter as much, just make sure your ress and cp lines up so you dont end up with much more ress or cp then you need and always think ROI and if it pays off before you plan to settle or afterI did do a party but i didnt have to, could have waited 8 hours but was afraid someone might settle before me, Your gonna have to be extremly lucky to settle before 5 days is up since you wont be able to raid others before that cause of BP or use like 500 dollars on cages to raid oasis early (not worth imo). That being said – If your budget is little to no gold then you should go for a 9 cropper capital. Should be possible to get in beginning on day 6, as I had a lot of res rewards from adventures. I will be thanks alot if you tell us a good strategy, I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information, Lol, 20 clubs in 2 days? 2 GG lvl 20 and inherited from Natars one then we can easily make troops starve. Advantages 2 2. It’s logical that the combat simulator is there, since the rally point is a … During the initial game phase, the oases will spawn natu… DO THE TUTORIAL. In all of the scenarios below the goal during the first three days remains the same: maximize both your resource production and the CP production. Also remember to change your hero’s production to being equal between all four resources: you will gain more resources. If the devs will remove the random attack part, then it would be awesome. This is my first time i am trying to lead an alliance and I want to know if we have to give a celebration like thing in it. Oases can be raided. my preference would obviously go out to settling faster. And that’s why I suggest to invest £10 into gold – to have +25% resource bonuses running and also to have the option to NPC trade when it’s really needed. Thoughts on my analysis would be appreciated. and conquered one WW myself but havent made a brewry till now. Extended Combat Simulator. normally 7 rats 6 spiders and 2 or 3 boars are good you can use cages to help combat sim no more than 25% can be lost. Tag Archives: Travian Simulator. I am Peter Young and this is the strategy manual I never expected to write. HI guys, this is going to be the first episode of the detailed chiefing guide. Make sure to never get your hero killed because you end up losing resources and therefore time. You are now left with tons of resources to work on your village with. LOL Really good guide. defense calculator. distance calculator. tell you how to, and even tell you how to farm like crazy! Simply because a 15 croppers produces the most resources due all the oasis bonuses and building bonuses. When you skip the tutorial you are being gifted these same buildings/fields without paying for them. Troops 4 4. Here are my reasons why :-. Given the focus on crop production I imagine it needs to be quite high? Don't risk your troops and don't build too many until after you settle your second village. ), - Academy level 2-5. The basic simming concept is still pretty valid way for a fast second village. First, this is not speed server. When you get to the point where you have to send your hero out for an adventure, send him to the furthest one. thinked of . I want to have a travian 4 book on my shelf These are REAL strategies, written with REAL playing experience by Top players on the server. IMHO, breweries are not worth it and you’re better off without. thanks this will help me think about making a self made guide xD. ... Travian Guide - How to counter-attack! Your email address will not be published. Also what you need to understand that you don't have to grind for a better CP production. Cheap CP is what we are looking for in the beginning of the server. When you send a 250k crop WW super hammer to a WW village, you have to aim at the GW or WW itself. The Combat Simulator is a tool found in your rally point used to see if you have enough troops to raid/attack another village or oases. But maybe you could go with a friend who'd trade your resources for you. Trading is not easy during early days. PLEASE HELP ! Now we are all set to go for the settlers! (It gives +9 CP for 7195 resources – still a good ratio. Troops. It's handy for many other things too but I'm not going to go through those in this guide. distance calculator. i read this and did the things in the early game . c0m … More resources = faster second village. Just use google ppl . distance calculator. Then add the cost of building, and divide it by the increase in the production. Alright, now you have your 3 settlers ready and you are trying to decide whether you should settle a 9 cropper or a 15 cropper. Check how much the production is going to increase, multiply it by 1.25 (plus bonus). If we are late to start server about 10-30 days after server starts then we will be less powerful and strong player nearby us may destroy village with catapults. A site which present hints, tips, guides, scripts and graphic packs for Travian (online browser game). Then raid it dry and move on to the next oasis. Hope you enjoy :) One thing I have found is we have to start on day 1-3. Now I can be top 2000, and still growing, he is retired he probably doesn’t play t4. In the next part I’m going through a few different scenarios depending on the most common choices. Type in the number of each unit that you have and the number that you want to simulate the enemy has. Not only can this show you a fake WW, if the defence numbers are extremely low, but it will also allow you to run a combat sim, to try and work out what damage you can do where. … resource development calculator. I know some people make many many GG. This is a site about browser online game „Travian”. you do not ever demolish a building that is giving you 5cps per day already, to spend 3900 resources to upgrade smithy and build stable that overall make 3 cps per day (basically you used 3.9k resources to lower your cp production by 2...), A cranny lvl 3, makes 2 CPs and that's a better option for demolition that is "if you have to for any reasons", you do not ever demolish a building that is giving you 5cps per day already. That way, we can follow the plans eaiser. Prerequisites: Academy level 15, Main Building level 10. If so shipment may be done to the UAE. Instead you should make crannies level 8/9, which I had when I had enough CP points to settle. lets say you save the 1560 resources and you use them on like 2 lvl 3 crop fields, since you would probs already have lvl 2 fields without them, you get a +8/h increase for each so +16/h for 1390 resourcesnow lets say you take tutorial and get a lvl on hero faster, just to go by the first lvl lets say your lvl 1 in 12 hours earlier then otherwise depending on luck it might be more or less, 12 hours hero production = 4*4*9*12*1.25 = 2160 ress, if you didnt do tutorial and used ress on crop at the start lets say you get = 16*24*1.25 = 480 ress (calced with 24 hours before the tutorial guy can build crop fields lvl 3 aswell by using hero ress), So you lose 1560+480 ress by doing the tutorial and after about 1 day you get the 2160 ress before it equals out for a few days until hero lvl 2, Assuming you would go for 2 crop fields lvl 3 aswell with hero ress you would be up by 2160-(1560+480) = 120 ress but you would lose the 2 culture points that you would get from doing crop lvl 3 fields first 24 hoursif you use the ress on crop fields in either scenario then i would say go for the tutorial but if you go for cranny/other cp prod you would be better off not doing the tutorial since you would be behind alot in cp after first day already so really depends on what you wanna do, settle first or get better production/get better heroPersonally when i settled in 5.5 days on last com6 i didnt do toturial and got far ahead in cp from the start because i had ress for crannys on first day so i am always gonna skip unless they change somethinglet me know what you think. ... And those who do it well will settle ahead of those who sim. Yes, never demolish embassy, its very important building. As a veteran, I would agree to these points that you have outlined, that is, if you are focused on troop production. Travian: Legends has a completely new category of reports - these are vicinity reports, and they are unlike the other reports you will see/receive in Travian. 1) What level do you take the granary up to? Mr.Peter Young You may see people start raiding oasis on day 1. Note that this guide is for 1x normal servers. Its like having a nuke missile that can only target random cities. Let me know if you tried this and how it went for you. Those resources will be used to train some extra clubbs instead. You also need to be quite active if you choose the raiding strategy over simming strategy. You can use the navigation bar on the top to access the content. units' attributes calculator. In Travian, they call it RL issues. This you can decide easily by considering how much money you are willing to invest into this game. defense calculator. Register yourself now and be a part of our community! Even though the same stuff can be found on the internet. If you plan on following this guide set your resource bonus to Crop Only, you will go into negatives if you don't do this. Works too but not so well than gold using, i want to play dual.stated playing in3 server with a offensive strategy.if anybody want to join then reply me below the comment. 3) They’re useless for attacking enemy capitals. The building order is: Now that our resource production is fine we should start focusing on the CP production. Once you have started raiding your neighbors you want prepare to train your settlers. Oases. I don't know if this thread is still active but why don't you think it's worth upping the fields before going for residence? With a 1000 gold you are looking to have level 16 crop fields by day 60 of the server, while running +25% resource bonuses and buying the gold club. hey. Settle a decent cropper asap. Personal Defender (PD) Once it h… in my case Druids/TT's because I was already heavily attacked and I followed home with 9 TT's from adventure) to equivalent amount of cp/res (use Disadvantages 3 3. Conquering calculator. - Gold isn’t mandatory but if it’s any possible to invest even £10 or £20 into gold then you will be able to develop your account (read: 1st and 2nd village) so much faster. 3.3 You want to do a raiding start (Gold/No gold). i found lots of bot like coconut, TMBOT so far the best bot I’ve used so far is trazerbot found @ it works on T4 and its free. This is how I did it: 1. Notice how I left all the crannies out along with market place levels. Building the brewery does not automatically give you an attack boost. only downside would be that you don't get the 20 xp for your hero or the additional 10 ointments, of which in my opinion the ointments are neglectable. These are the main reasons, but a lesser reason is they have to be built in the capital. All you need to do is to send your hero to an adventure located on the map. In order to found a new village one must have enough Culture Points (CP). Also upgrade MB/MP/Academy (in that order, no embassy because you demolish that slot for stable to produce troops. Decide which villa you want to raid out of, and get TTs. Both have its ups and downs and i have played both when i started off the game very early in my travian career. - One of each resources to level 1 (Lumber, clay, iron, crop), - Crop land level 1 , Iron mine level 2 , Clay pit level 2, - 2x Crop land level 2 (all crop lands level 2 now). The game must be played with an unmodified internet browser. Nature's troops are the animals living in unoccupied oases.You can use the combat simulator to see whether you have enough troops to defeat the animals in an oasis you want to conquer, but remember that you can only raid oasis. Oases. Send your hero with it. A) Sim then build. I highly suggest to ONLY choose TEUTONS for the raiding strategy – Gauls and Romans should in my opinion always go the simming route due their expensive troops. In the beginning of the game, the oases are owned by wild animals. In last pages you mentioned to destroy GW. Alternative way would be building few boosters around it and then push resource to it. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Tables. resource development calculator. ×2 the most efficient order of resource buildings development factories: fields units' attributes calculator. Tables. Or maybe all cropfields 5 but no iron mine at 4. Note: There is a ton of information in this article, if you trust me to give you the best, and most efficient way to upgrade your resources fields, just read the bold parts. Keep in mind that all the animals above Bear can kill its contemporary max tier travian troop in single combat. Although now that the Travian has changed since I wrote this guide, I believe there is a lot of room for improvement. I have still one thing in my mind. 1) They’re useless when conquering.