Since this is about Desktop Linux distributions neither Debian nor CentOS is best in class. The main contribution of ZFS was to teach people about how much they don't really care about snapshots. The processes run on the BSD kernel, not on the Mach microkernel. Cinnamon is a desktop environment with modern graphical effects. what would be "heavyweight"? I have to wonder if any existing. For all I know it could be the name of the new Aquaman movie. The first official stable release of Project Trident is based on technologies from FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT and features the Lumina desktop environment. I mean I've seen distros using other distros as a base before and switch base but usually it is to another distro of the same OS. Good riddance, actually. pretty? Hybrid EFI/Legacy installation and boot support. It is designed from ground up to offer Linux desktop users a wonderful and exciting computing experience. EditorDavid. Thug Apple thugmod. Looks a great project. If you are worried about that, buy Oracle ZFS storage appliances for your big eNteRpRisE data. The Cinnamon desktop environment is modern and stylish. So "Mach is not FreeBSD, no no no!" --The only major slowdown I'm aware of right now is with encryption on LTS kernels (since Greg K-H decided to. It almost sounds like that from the description but I note the website lacks screenshots? Other desktop environments available in Debian include Cinnamon, LXQt, Budgie, Enlightenment, FVWM-Crystal, GNUstep/Window Maker, Sugar Notion WM and possibly others. The login page will open in a new tab. If this group wants to make a system into a better workstation environment, they will likely find it less burdensome to start with an OS that is designed for workstations. Apple uses Mach as a HAL, and nothing more. This SDK leverages the windows trident engine to process javascript and render HTML as desktop applications. And they could have switched to OpenBSD or NetBSD. It's the default environment in CentOS 7 GUI, Fedora 21 and later and Ubuntu 17.10. This is the curse of the infinite forking, desktops and rebundling into distro that plagues open source operating systems. Last time I checked it was not, and the CDDL license is not compatible with GPL2, isn't it? 1. Streaming audio through HDMI connections should now become functional. If people really feel strongly about it they can just modify systemd to write the output to a plain text file instead of or in addition to the binary file. Project Trident: Long-term, almost nothing. Spoken like a true Luddite. Snapshots are a "set and forget" feature. Runs just peachy with ZFS and a slow processor. And let's not forget that FreeBSD makes up a fair chunk of Apple's OS X and iOS. And not even for all of those. Trident Environmental Group has the personnel and proven experience to provide rapid response for the release of oil and chemicals in either surface or sub-surface environments. What does it say about the usability of Trident when their website has bought into the difficult-to-read low contrast fad? Your fucking trollmod tactics confirm it. "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't tell you that.". If you have 3TB of storage that is only 3GB of ram to put in a computer. Ubuntu just released 19.10 with install on root option, making it easier to have ZFS on the root partition. Installing GNOME Desktop environment. extremely short and clean (50+ lines) scripts [] written for a tiny interpreter (that includes a functionnal networking stack) [] ?~, What would you prefer ?extremely short and clean (50+ lines) scripts written for a tiny interpreter (that includes a functionnal networking stack) ?~. Apple uses Mach as a HAL, and nothing more. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. The kernel of Darwin is XNU, a hybrid kernel which uses OSFMK 7.3[10] (Open Software Foundation Mach Kernel) from the OSF, various elements of BSD (including the process model, network stack, and virtual file system),[11] and an object-oriented device driver API called I/O Kit. Project Trident is a new member to the DistroWatch database and a desktop operating system based on TrueOS (which is, in turn, based on FreeBSD's development branch). Its status may have changed a lot over the last couple years, but I remember Void as having a rather limited package repo (and documentation) which were among a larger list of reasons I decided against it in favor of Arch. That's a lot of web-facing devices. I'm looking for an OS after kicking a longterm habit with MacOS, Trident looked good on paper, installer booted to a slick first page, my Huawei Matebook13 keyboard and touchpad were unresponsive: repeated hammering on random keys managed to change the HWC by one year. You don't have to care until you fuckup something. share | follow | asked Nov 1 '16 at 2:38. brandozz brandozz. Project Trident is a continuation of the Open Source FreeBSD based operating system TrueOS combined with the Lumina desktop environment. As we all know and often repeat here on /. stats that "Trident" is the layout engine for Internet Explorer. So China, 10 million coders. Trident X Plus is the first compact desktop PC to incorporate an SFX power supply and the breathtaking latest MSI GeForce RTX™ graphics card, into a case only 10 liters in volume. Ubuntu and Fedora would be the closest analogues to Debian and RHEL/CentOS for the Desktop, but then there is Kali for security folks and a host of other perfectly good distributions. [12],, Re: Sad Watching FreeBSD Circle The Drain. Its a dummy spit project that forked off TrueOS which is a fork of NetBSD, because they didn't like the way it was going or something. And as you say it you want text logs then it's easily configurable to do so, in fact Ubuntu already does that out of the box. ZFS demands 1GB of RAM per TB of storage. Production Ready means: I can run my multi billion dollar per year business on it without fear of job loss, law suit, Big Four auditors, Enterprise customer questions during pre-sales or lack of vendor supplied support contract. At no point does systemd/Linux or AOSP/Linux or whatevsr come into play with this. The default graphical desktop environment of Project Trident is powered by the Lumina desktop, which is created by the developers of TrueOS. I had to look it up as well. Create Apps for Windows in pure HTML/JS. Does anyone know if netcraft has confirmed it yet? Cinnamon is the default desktop environment for Linux Mint and it's one of the main reasons why Mint is so popular. While Linux definitely stole it's thunder on the X86 commodity server side of things, let's not forget that BAD is the base of both OFFense and OpnSense, both of which are wildly popular and growing. And as we all know, Aquaman sucks. Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend Project Trident for those patients who use a FOSS desktop distro. Purpose of a desktop environment is to provide a coherent suite of applications in terms of look, functionality, and usability. It provides background threading, multiple window management, skinning, file and registry access and much more. Trademarks property of their respective owners. We are an innovative service provider with a total focus on health and safety, as well as a clear commitment to sustainability and the environment. Netflix chose FreeBSD for its balance of stability and features (as did Netcraft once upon a time), but it is becoming an increasingly less common frontend operating system on the web as a whole. Lumina is still the desktop environment for Project Trident and will continue to be developed and enhanced alongside Project Trident just as it was for TrueOS. GNOME is the most popular environment in the latest distributions of Linux. The core of TrueOS will be available to those who wish to build off of that, similar to how Debian-based Linux distributions have spun off from vanilla Debian. The added value to Debian from Ubuntu is not WMs, but usability including ease of installation and the backing of a for profit company, to wit, Canon. The next guy will go on a 2 year zfs replacement jihad. I see valid looking critiques of systemd from smart, non Luddite people, are they making all that up? It's just another way that Apple is like Microsoft. The "1GB per TB" saying is patently false. I do maintain hundreds of servers in multiple locations for a living and I have found that systemd makes my life much easier, especially if the setup involves network storage, SAN or better yet a clustered FS on either of those. Notable changes are updates to chromium, firefox, gpu-firmware-kmod, virtualbox-ose, 342 new packages, along with 2739 updated packages. Spin, spin and more spin. I was opposed to the binary logs when the journal was announced, but having used the journal now for several years and gotten to see the benefits that the binary format brings with it (since now meta-data can be added to each log line) I now see this as a major benefit. It's just storage, but that's what ZFS is for. --You can run 64-bit ZFS in as little as 2-4GB of non-ECC RAM, so it is perfectly OK to run on non-server home PCs and virtual machines. by add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. Compact Gaming Desktop. It tries to be user friendly but is held back by the fact that it uses a different init system from FreeBSD (OpenRC) as well as FreeBSD's ports tree. I was wondering whether those "Less than two-thirds" was sarcasm... Trident and Void should make great bedfellows. Average rating 4.8 from 11 reviews on Distrowatch. That said, let’s move to listing the desktop environments. Compact Gaming Desktop. It was not exactly popular so they turned TrueOS into an easy to install server based on FreeBSD and Project Trident took over the TrueOS desktop development. and is also backed by companies (mostly Suse and Facebook - it's default on openSuse Tumbleweed). Unlimited values in mind. []. Pre-built Packages. TrueOS provided official binary Nvidia and Intel drivers for hardware acceleration and an optional 3D desktop interface through KWin, and Wine is ready-to-use for running Microsoft Windows software. Also Debian and CentOS already have WMs. Being a total dick in the process.Are you a FreeBSD member, perchance? They are using a customized kernel based on debian 10, latest is vmlinuz-5.0.21-2-pve as I can see in /boot. Copyright © 2020 SlashdotMedia. Instead they are switching to Void, a Linux distro that also struggles with the problem of enough people to support upgrading drivers, software, and documentation as well as bugfixing and patching. If the guy that replaces me in 2 years understands basic storage and FS concepts, they will learn ZFS in a day. Next you be telling us how Gnome requires you to first uninstall Windows from "Linux" (meaning WSL), to install a whole different kernel and init system, because you have no clue whatsoever what the worlds Linux or UNIX mean. Greyhound Trident is a GNU/Linux, Ubuntu based security distribution designed for penetration testing and cyber forensic investigations. Its desktop environments includes a set of integrated applications and utilities. Each MSI GAMING Desktop has its own set of unique advantages, developed with MSI’s G.A.M.E. Firebird isn't dying either, you insensitive CRUD! Posted at every live gig. Other desktop environments not available in Debian include Unity (1 2), Pantheon, ROX, Equinox/EDE, Étoilé, CDE, Artemis, Durden, Tri… Systemd isn't perfect by any stretch but in a myriad of ways it is far better than SysVinit, etc. There are many different ones for a reason, and the multiplicity is a strength, not a weakness. I use Trident currently. Trident (also known as MSHTML) is a proprietary browser engine for the Microsoft Windows version of Internet Explorer, developed by Microsoft. Actually all BSD processes in MacOS are implemented on top of Mach tasks. Built on Genesis Framework and Powered by UpCloud. Project Trident is a desktop distribution of Void Linux that is created and maintained by the same authors of the Lumina Desktop, and is a quick and easy way to try out the Lumina Desktop on a Linux-based operating system. Yeah, you can run it on whatever you like, but the server has been their focus for as long as I can remember. Installation of GUI (Cinnamon Desktop) is discussed in this article. Which isn't even real Linux, let alone a Unix. For me, ZFS on linux has been production ready for years. Shh, the real reason, it has become abundantly clear that the Government of China will be pushing Linux hard in all technology devices, as a counter to foolish Trump sanctions, M$ will now pay that price big time. Notable changes are default post-install ZFS block size change, Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation control, radeon driver support in GPU loading, Lumina PDF viewer, playonbsd, among several others. wtf is "Project Trident"? It will consume what you give it for cache but it can easily run on way less than that ratio and be content. H, Read the GPs post again. And we live in a universe dominated by entropy so things *always* go wrong. Plus NetBSD remains a.Prime choice for powering things like networked copiers. Replace ZFS? There are plenty of alternatives to Devuan, a fallacy to say genuine opposers must use or contribute to that. Yes, but not a very good one. Depends on the features. KHTML began as part of KDE 2.0, a desktop environment in some Linux operating system distributions. No new comments can be posted. It is installed on 6.64 million (74.2%) servers, and at least 1.05 million of these can be positively identified as running the Ubuntu distribution. The small minority of people who are genuinely opposed to systemd use and contribute to Devuan. Which is allowed by the CDDL. It is a distribution designed for security enthusiasts and professionals, can also be used normally as your default OS. Trident A series targeted gamers who demand the highest game performance from PC. Was that always true? The processes run on the BSD kernel, not on the Mach microkernel. [12] []. Comments owned by the poster. 35. Why is that a problem? GNOME is probably the most popular desktop environment among Linux users, it is free and open source, simple, yet powerful and easy to use. --You are arguably out of your mind if you think ZFS should *ever* run on a smartphone. Project Trident plans to address these issues. Trident can serve as your primary environmental resource throughout your development project, utilizing our extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance to aid … Does not come bundled with any “end-user” applications (web browsers, email clients, multimedia software, office suites, etc..). Short-term, we will be delaying the release of Lumina 2.0 and will release an updated version of the 1.x branch (1.5.0) instead. It is just a collection of graphical tools/interfaces or what? --.-; FreeBSD is not a BS distribution, it the most popular Unix distribution, but no longer has the labour to stay updated. It's seriously disappointing that it's 2019 and all of those features that were supposed to make zfs an attractive option still aren't there. The Trident series are packed with high performance gaming components in a compact case. He did not say that they should have based their project on one of the two. absolutely false and I can tell you don't admin hundreds of servers in multiple locations for a living. Keeping it standard means its easier to recover when things go wrong. but they should *really* make a redesigned fork that is suitable for everything from PCs over SBCs to smartphones. Will Systemd 245 Bring Major Changes to Linux's Home Directory Management? Canonical is considering ZFS and ZoL production-ready and they are proponent for ZFS. Privacy-Respecting Smart Home System Can Work Offline and Sends Fake Data, "Conversion, fastidious Goddess, loves blood better than brick, and feasts But suit yourself! The environment that I'm coding for requires the use of compatibility view mode, and … So what is this thing really? The word "folks" is a general address stating that his words are aimed at whomever might read it. GNOME 3 Desktop. What about ZFS, is ZFS on linux production ready? Power switch forced off... Latest Void installer booted to black screen, Dr G gave me a magic incantation to get to the grub options and eventually to a slick first screen, where keyboard and tou. TDE is a complete software desktop environment designed for Unix-like operating systems, intended for computer users preferring a traditional desktop model, and is free/libre software. Source: []. As for OpenBSD, I think you'd have seen a lot of firewall products use it as their base if the whole OpemBSD project wasn't run like some hostile cult. internet-explorer user-agent. The mandatory animated stickers you can't disable don't work on it because it's too old, and I couldn't be happier about that :p. Seems like project trident lost the point. If that is what you mean by "production ready", then its a couple of years away. That's devilish. In other words, wtf is "Project Trident"? How many different shades of grey can we put on one page? We are not responsible for them in any way. In short: firewall/network management servers are where all the BSD growth will come from. They are building tools to make it even easier in the future and will have features like boot environments, automatic scheduled snapshots, etc, that FreeBSD has already. The Lumina desktop was originally developed by iXSystems for TrueOS, which later became Project Trident. Less than two-thirds of web facing servers now run FreeBSD. Hmm, thanks for the correction, and the link. The intention seems to have originally been a packaging a lightweight BSD desktop called lumina ...which looks great, on an established BSD based distro called TrueOS, but because the BSD is lacking support expected for a desktop based OS at this time, which seems to include updates of common packages to hardware simply not working, they have moved to a Linux based distro...with an equally interesting BSD based package manager, which should solve the problems. Windows Server Failover Clustering service automatically re-routes all network traffic to the healthy instance, creating a highly available environment. and also adds tiering SSD and HDD storage which will eventually find its way into stable kernel. It now appears Project Trident is way of installing Lumina on Linux, by first installing a whole different Linux distro to get rid of systemd and add LibreSSL. The most obvious part of the OSX kernel when you start working with it is the CMU message queues. Given their reasoning for the move, including users being affected by lack of packages and features, I do find it interesting they are rebasing to Void. Apple doesn't use the BSD kernel, they use the Mach kernel from CMU (heavily modified by now, of course). If you want people to care about news on your obscure project, you might first of all inform them why they should care about it. Linus Torvalds Argues Against 80-Column Line Length Coding Style, As Linux Kernel Deprecates It. I'm using it on all my machines - servers, desktops, laptops... everywhere. Newer NVIDIA 390.x driver support. Wireless connections will actually run at the proper connection speeds for the protocol type (n, ac, etc..). Trident provides a quality property maintenance service throughout Scotland, across North England and London and the home counties through impressive experience and expertise. A workstation setup moves away from a Server OS? (Just like Suse is pushing for BTRFS and Redhat is pushing for their rubegoldbergesque "Stratis" contraption, and I forgot-which-corporate-sponsor is paying Kent Overstreet to finish Bcachefs and get it accepted upstream in stable kernel). Trident X Plus series targeted gamers who demand the highest game performance from PC. And as we all know, Aquaman sucks. It was first introduced with the release of Internet Explorer version 4.0 in October 1997; it has been steadily upgraded and remains in use today. Their original goal was to find an operating system that didn’t come with a desktop environment as default and their distro would add desktop support out-of-the-box. My PCs therefore act consistently with everything I've read however I have seen proof that the string is sometimes reported as "Trident/8.0" in an IE11/Windows 10 environment. The point as I understood it was to be a user friendly environment for BSD (trident!!!) Project Trident has never been a stand-alone operating system. The "obscene complication" of systemd doesn't have anything to do with the format of its configuration files. Newer wifi chipsets are supported. most subtly on the human will." In a cluster, applications connect to a common access point—a virtual IP or a cluster name—and Windows routes all traffic to the correct node. Advertising a perpetual beta distro with a buggy desktop environment to newbies is really not the best way to present FreeBSD. Hopefully Apple keeps the torch lit, this was our heritage. Making it unpractical for anything other than servers. Void looks actually pretty good. You can even run it on Macs (which I do.) They won’t be able to port the AppCafe package manager to Void because it … Of course, Btrfs helped with that too. You're like that guy who thinks it's funny to shout "FREBIRD!" Well, there's a shocker. They used a BS distribution as their basis. According to a conversation on Telegram, FreeBSD has just updated its build of the Telegram client and it was nine releases behind everyone else. This causes a lot of broken package functionality and severely limits the OS' usefulness. I am using it and it seems stable enough. Now they use a real Linux (GNU/Linux) distribution. It delivers a single panel at the bottom, a beautiful menu with several quick-launch icons, and a system tray in the bottom right corner. You confirm that Apple is the slimy thug enterprise that we here think it is. The interface is familiar to people with experience using Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Makes my head spin. It was a mainstream rendering engine solution as the popularity of the Netscape browser was waning. The I/O throughput will be better the more RAM you give it, but it's been stable for years. It's a great file system, but they should *really* make a redesigned fork that is suitable for everything from PCs over SBCs to smartphones. FreeBSD has always been server-focused. : "The Year of Linux on everything but the Desktop !" For the first time, PT will be able to start supporting and leveraging bluetooth devices due to a fu, kudos for not using a distro with that badly engineered and obscenely complicated systemd garbage, and obscenely complicated systemd garbage, Yes, its horribly obscure (ini-like) files are a doom and gloom !~, What would you prefer ? KHTML was an endemic part of the Linux Web browser Konqueror and KDE’s integrated KHTML-powered Web browser and file manager. Trident Student Support - Trident Student Support. definitely not. Their website has only a few FAQ and disclosures. And deliberately so. It will protect you from law suits. The compact gaming desktop delivers a playable experience across multiple titles, including GTA V and Mass Effect Andromeda, with Ultra-quality settings. Also its another weird ass muscl clib based thing, with a weird ditto with weird package manager. Download App development kit for free. He was speaking to the public at large giving the ridiculous advice that everyone should choose between Debian and CentOS. Who an I to explain things to an Apple genius. Was just about to post the same thing. This is the first I've heard of the Trident project. All they are now is just one of many Linux distros in an already overcrowded and saturdated market. Eww, they censure people for expressions of love but not for expressions of violence? Then, you'll be glad you have them. We, tiny shops with single admins, will continue using ZFS as a kernel module in Linux and in the kernel of the BSDs. Just like the recently reviewed Asus ROG Strix GL12CX, the MSI Trident X (starts at $1,999; $2,499 as tested) is a gaming desktop for the esports … Oh, that's not true then. Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend Project Trident for those patients who use a FLOSS [] desktop distro. to put it another way: if qt5 is "lightweight", then what would be middleweight? Their original goal was to find an operating system that didn’t come with a desktop environment as default and their distro would add desktop support out-of-the-box. This isn't reddit.Do your own fucking research. Please log in again. Fuck you Apple troll mod. It's totally overkill for that application. Proxmox has been using ZFS on Linux for a while now. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. This is why we call you Thug Apple. maybe, depending on taste.lightweight? It would also help to at least have a graphic of your desktop actually running. My server has about 4TB of HD per GB of RAM. As Linux is now being really, really pushed hard by the Government of China at the highest levels, so all the apps and games will follow, some proprietary some FOSS, China makes it money from making computers so an investment in free software ensure their hardware wins. But doesn't change the fact that the Mach-kernel-that-is-not-bsd-no-no-no still sucks next to Linux and it is untenable for Apple to keep using it. Office 365 offers up to 5 online or device installations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive for PC, Macs, or mobile devices including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets. other than just offering lumina I see no point to this. I mean they are saying OS but obviously they are changing OS... hell they are changing the entire underlying OS distribution. Might aswell recomment Android (AOSP/Linux) at that point. The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. To install Xorg Server and Video Drivers if qt5 is "lightweight", then {...} what would be "heavyweight"? 386BSD was too slow in getting an open source kernel out and Linux got in first. It supports most of the GUI like wallpapers, icons, toolbars and desktop widgets. Folks, just use NetBSD if BSD unixes are your things, and Debian or CentOS if Linux's are your thing. Binary log files is probably the most common, of course that seems like making a mountain out of a molehill. a user friendly BSD. The evidence points to FreeBSD dying. They won’t be able to port the AppCafe package manager to Void because it is a part of TrueOS’ SysAdm utility. The developers of Project Trident have made available version 19.06. It seems to be a privacy / security / reliability / usability oriented desktop distro. Linux is by far the most commonly used operating system for web-facing computers. Only 60,200 (0.67%) web-facing computers are running FreeBSD today. All Rights Reserved. Darl McBride should have offered the licence. This is a strawman argument. decided to use Void Linux as their new base, Some Original Berkeley Unix Pioneers Still Work On The FreeBSD Project, Forbes Raves Upcoming Linux Desktop Will 'Embarass' Windows 10 and macOS, Submission: Project Trident Ditches BSD for Linux, extremely short and clean (50+ lines) scripts, tiny interpreter (that includes a functionnal networking stack), Wha do you mean "first installing a whole differen, The kernel of Darwin is XNU, a hybrid kernel which uses OSFMK 7.3[10] (Open Software Foundation Mach Kernel) from the OSF, various elements of BSD (including the process model, network stack, and virtual file system),[11] and an object-oriented device driver API called I/O Kit. BTRFS already fits the bill (works on Sailfish OS-powered smartphones, works on Raspberry Pi - though is not pre-compiled, so you'll need to either use a initramdisk or boot from F2FS / EXT /etc.) Eric S. Raymond: Is Microsoft Switching To a Linux Kernel That Emulates Windows. To install GNOME Desktop run the following commands. A walk-through of installing virtualBox with virtualBox graphics only. To put this into perspective, more than twice as many servers are still running Windows Server 2003, even though it has not been supported for several years. That's a feature. What will be better than ZFS in 2 years? Some are officially NOT considered stable (RAID5/6 comes to mind).If you stick with the other (stable) features, it works perfectly without a problem. Project Trident will be what we now know as the TrueOS desktop operating system going forward (FreeBSD-based core with Lumina and other TrueOS-ish apps on top). TrueOS was created to be an easy to install desktop system based on FreeBSD (an easier to install fork of NetBSD). It's well-known as the BSD desktop environment but has been ported to Linux. is largely just Apple spin. The more we've tested Void Linux, the more impressed we have been. Trident A is the first compact desktop PC to incorporate an SFX power supply and the breathtaking latest MSI GeForce RTX™ graphics card, into a case only 10 liters in volume. It introduces desktop elements like a panel, system tray, and so on, to the Fluxbox window manager, and is highly portable. I don't know if they customized it although. How many different shades of grey can we put on one page? Gentoo, Arch, etc, obviously look good too, if not Poetteringized. We have installed GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce desktop environments. Shame the original UNIX base code is gone to die at SCO and FreeBSD withers away. For all I know it could be the name of the new Aquaman movie. Project Trident is the continuation of the graphical version of TrueOS with Lumina Desktop Environment and is based on FreeBSD operating system. it's not a troll and doesn't need to be humor, it is fact. Gnome4, built with GTK4, running on Mir, using several Vala extensions, all this in a .NET bytecode.Inside a WSL session on Windows 10. Bcache is yet another new-gen filesystem that similarly includes CoW, snapshotting, etc. This discussion has been archived. Yup. It really is dying. Graphical end-user-orientated OSes based on TrueOS are GhostBSD and Trident. I gave Void a good spin before moving to Arch. 899 5 5 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. What you describe is the kind of thing tiny shops with a solo sysadmin do because no one knows better. Looks like a great OS for SBC like the raspberry pi 4. yet-another-linux-distribution, interestingly these are the features you get with their move to Linux: Functional AMD video card support with the amdgpu driver. There may be more comments in this discussion. Project Trident plans to address these issues. You should probably have a better understanding of the problem domain before running around offering ridiculous ill thought out solutions. With what? The Linux Team Approves New Neutral Terminology. Boosting incredible power and performance levels that will fit all gamers' demands, the MSI Trident series redefine the size of PC gaming. When you quit who will maintain all that non-production zfs you installed? -- Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway".