I didn’t realize that there were so many different kinds of crowns and bridges! INTRODUCTION TO PROSTHODONTICS & PRINCIPLES OF COMPLETE DENTURE PROSTHODONTICS 2. As with the bristles of a broom, which are grasped by a ferrule when attached to the broomstick, the crown should envelop a certain height of tooth structure to properly protect the tooth from fracture after being prepared for a crown. Crowns made of Zirkonia Oxide are being made more popular due to its high translucency and durability as opposed to chipping disadvantages of porcelain crowns. Fixed prosthodontics is the branch of specialized area of dentistry, involved in the replacement of missing teeth with a cast prosthesis permanently cemented in place. Tucker method of gold inlay and onlay restoration produces tooth-to-restoration adaptation of potentially only 2 nm, confirmed by scanning electron microscopy; this is less than the diameter of a single bacterium. The fixed prosthesis can be in the form of single cast crown or multiple unit of cast crowns joined together, commonly referred to as fixed partial denture or bridge.