You see, this oddly-crooked fixed blade was made specifically for close-quarters self-defense in situations where an officer is facing off against an opponent who is trying to get ahold of their firearm. This makes it legal in some states where a longer knife may be illegal. With those out of the way, let's talk about what a concealed carry knife actually is. Facing the elements with a ruggedized leather, textile, and synthetic upper. It is razor sharp, has a 3” blade, and the blade locks open. Our favorite is the nasty little P’kal, due to its high concealability, extended flipper on the spine, and arched back for more grip styles. While we’d never wish for anyone to find themselves in dire circumstances that would require such action, there’s no denying the combat potential of mankind’s oldest tool. They are useful for many tasks, from normal everyday tasks to wilderness survival. CRKT Tecpatl. appeared to want to kick my ass for parking too close to his car. Blade Steel: CPM-S30V I’ve always been a huge fan of SOG and Benchmade knives. In many ways it is a minimum of what would make an appropriate knife, but it does check all the boxes. It conceals well, and I can tell you that is without a doubt the sharpest knife from the factory that I have ever seen. The G-10 handle has heavily checkered scales which almost makes the knife stick to the palm. Is it horrible? While there are some manual knives that can be opened quickly, they’re definitely the slowest of the bunch and, therefore, the least self-defense-ready. The best knife for self-defense is going to be a knife that was designed for defense purposes. Not only is it a great knife, but the price is low enough that I will not beat myself up if I lose it. Technically, these knives look like machetes, but they are not similar, because bowie has a different shape of the blade and smaller dimensions. So is their Mini Auto Presidio II, but it also has an edge when it comes to self-defense thanks to its automatic deployment system. A smaller version of one of the brand’s most popular combat-ready knives, this compact blade boasts a CPM-S30V steel drop point blade, durable and lightweight billet aluminum handle, the brand’s signature secure AXIS locking mechanism, and more. When done properly, they can be extremely discreet, yet easy to extract and use at a moment’s notice. Access: Having a quick-opening folding knife isn’t going to do you any good if you can’t get ahold of it easily. Check Prices on Amazon. If you’re searching for a bladed tool that can help keep you and yours safe and protected, here are the things for which you should be looking: Size: Though not a deal-breaker, larger knives can be a bit unwieldy and, therefore, not exactly self-defense-friendly. ok so i had a defense tool that hung handle down from inside my vest. The extra length on the handle provides a very full, strong grip. Small Knives for Self Defense The goal of any defensive knife usage is to effect disengagement by the attacker as quickly as possible; to get an attacker (s) off you and keep them away. Emerson CQC-13. Silver Leaf Knife Pendant Knife pendants are another gorgeous but sneaky self-defense option. Cold Steel Recon 1. These knives are huge than usual weapons because Jim wanted to make a weapon that would be excellent for self-defense. As the founder of Concealed Carry Society, Corey’s vision for the site is to reach out and introduce new people to concealed carry, as well as bring quality Articles, Reviews, and Resources to all firearm enthusiasts. A couple of the smaller ones can be worn as neck knives, and a few would make fine boot knives. I find it comfortable in the hand with a secure grip despite the slicker steel handle. A mid-positioned back-lock prevents accidental closures/opening. The two smaller designs have a 2.18″ and 2.88″ blade. Benchmade also has their Lifesharp service which allows you (Free of charge) to ship your knife to them to be cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and sharpened. Just don't forget to train and practice with your knife. By Tim MacWelch. That’s why, in our opinion, the best self-defense knives are those that can be deployed quickly. Cold Steel Recon 1 features an impressive 4-inch tanto blade. Pocketable folding blades are obviously a good bet, as it’s very easy to reach into your pocket and grab them. SOG’s knives are fast, light, and affordable. Secondly, it’s made from durable-yet-lightweight materials — like 420HC steel and rubber — and boasts a skeletonized design to save even more on weight, making for a speedy all-around fixed blade while remaining ergonomic. Blade Steel: VG-10 The Kershaw Blur is a great example with its Sandvick steel that is very easy to sharpen and gets really sharp! Something else they can do is save your life in a fight. Absolutely stellar knife! I am looking for a blade like Olivier had strapped to his arm, a razor sharpe, 12 inch solid blade that appears when needed. But it can also be purchased with an ankle wrap sheath for easy and convenient concealment. my old one was a ka bar. I want to say up front that the Kershaw Filter is on here for only one reason:  It’s a capable, fast knife that can often be found for dirt cheap! You’ve come to the right place. Is there really any knife that’s cooler than the one John Wick himself uses when he’s not... USMC Ka-Bar. Handle Material: Rubber Coldsteel Espada XL. For the price, this is a solid knife. But, as we all know, bladed tools can also be used for self-defense purposes under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Many times with one or more attackers. After all, even if you’re protecting yourself, if you’re breaking the law by carrying something that’s illegal — automatic knives, for instance, are widely illegal to carry in public — you can be charged as a criminal for the laws you are breaking. Handle Material: Billet Aluminum And while any knife — fixed or folding, everyday carry or survival, etc. Looking for a state-of-the-art tactical knife? It only makes sense to have a secondary option, even if it's an imperfect one. This is a knife that he can access and deploy quickly if needed. Guns. Type: Folding, Manual However, in today's world we also run into situations that are not your typical gunfights. It opens fast, carries as deep as possible, and cuts like nothing else. The Spyderco Matriarch has a VG-10 stainless steel blade that features the signature Reverse "S" edge profile of the classic Civilian. As you likely already know, we believe that knives are, first and foremost, tools to be used to help you make it through a wide variety of utilitarian tasks. The curved blade bites deeply and keeps the edge of the blade and its point toward the enemy. Look for self defense knives that include verbiage in the description such as “automatic” or “assisted opening”. Now on to the knives. Blade Length: 3.3″. More Survivalist. Having to use one for self-defense is a bad situation, but it could save your life. Type: Fixed It’s quick to open, and uses the Benchmade Axis lock system which is exceptionally strong. Tactical knives, folding knives, and fixed blade knives are three of the most common knives that fall into the self-defense category; these knives can greatly improve your odds of survival against an attacker! The KA-BAR TDI is a small fixed-blade designed for nothing other than self-defense by an ex-police detective and founder of the Tactical Defense Institute. then I realized he was nothing but a chicken shit bully. This is NOT a weapon, though it could be used in a pinch. This is the best knife I’ve ever had my hands on, and it’s the perfect model for not only self-defense but just about any other purpose you need a knife for. Kershaw Blur. If you can look past its bombastic, James Bond-esque name, Kershaw’s Secret Agent Knife is one of the best bang-for-your-buck boot knives around. what is this carry called? Neck knives are an often-overlooked class of blade, but that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to self-defense. Not bad steel but not great. Now, fighting with a knife … Handle Material: Aluminum The Benchmade Infidel 133 Fixed Blade is a great fixed blade option. It may be a little slick, but the rear texturing and a good finger groove will keep your grip solid. But a knife can be used, with practice, for self-defense as well as a tool that is practical in everyday use. That will protect you from any danger. Then there is my Beast knife for when I am in a no gun area. If you like a knife that opens that way you should just go purchase a good quality OTF knife (out the front) and carry it in your pocket. Look classy, feel powerful, be safe — the silver leaf pendant covers all the necessary bases. Another knife with a grandiose-sounding name, Gerber’s Ghoststrike fixed blade knife makes our list for a multitude of reasons. Another type of blade that is widely used in the self defense world, and even by professional organizations as … Cold Steel Urban Edge. Spyderco has forgotten more about self defense knives than some combat vets, and they have a deadly lineup to prove it. Estimated Price: Around $220 Blade Composition: VG10 Handle Composition:... 2. If you can look past its bombastic, James Bond-esque name, Kershaw’s Secret Agent Knife is... KA-BAR TDI Knife. I consider them premium Kershaws. There are few EDC blades out there as wicked-looking as this knife. Blade Steel: AUS-8A Blade Length: 2.313″. It's crazy affordable! This system makes this unique karambit ultra-quick when it comes to deployment, but also a lot safer for the user, as it makes it far less likely they’ll get their fingers caught between the handle and the blade (a common issue with traditional folding karambits). And everything I learned from my father. When your gun goes down, you are still armed. Master Gary Hernandez with using a small knife for self defense and a few ways to do it. The best way is to give you a few notable examples. Type: OTF, Automatic It shares a lot of features with the Flash including the open and lock mechanisms. However, it is also useful for many other tasks, such as cutting string or … Learn more. Many of Benchmade’s knives are perfect for everyday carry. Here are three points that need to be addressed before you carry a knife for self defense: It is very important to know your states laws when it comes to knives. Handle Material: Zytel The first surprise is the Sami inspired blade profile that is astoundingly sharp and easy to sharpen. Fox Knives Folding Karambit. Not having the point crossing your person, if you are being violently beaten (won’t stab yourself from a kick or strike to the hand and or if you fall on the knife as well). And the ultra-compact Boker Plus Mini Slik is a premium example of just that. The bigger the blade, the harder it will be to swing around. Founded upon a fully seam-sealed Schoeller shell. Tanto: One of my favorite go-to blades for self-defense and probably the most effective self-defense knife that still offers day-to-day usability as well. The Tanto blade design was originally utilized in short swords like the Samurai sword but has been implemented well in pocket knife form factors. Is it the best? Blade Steel: D2 Required fields are marked *. We chose a small group of knives from trusted brands that we recommend and would trust with our lives. I know that most gunfights do not result in that many rounds being fired. Its design and build make it perfect for self defense. July 23, 2019 at 10:47 pm. Zero Tolerance KVT. SOG Flash II Tanto. It is an assisted open knife and uses SOG’s piston locking system which is quite strong. Mate that to its combat-friendly karambit silhouette, VG-10 steel blade, and G10 handle and you can start to see exactly why this knife deserves its spot on our list. Which is a folding karambit or hawk bill blade. However, we made sure to cover many different price ranges to find the right choice for you. Spring Assisted Knife - Pocket Folding Knife - Military Style - Boy Scouts Knife - … We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Its point is thicker than the Civilian for increased strength and strategically shaped to nest discreetly into the handle in the closed position. As such, we’ve rounded up what we believe are the ten best self-defense knives you can currently buy. Offering brands like UZI and Smith and Wesson, you can … Blade Steel: VG-10 Nope. HiConsumption was established by gearheads for gearheads as a modern day men’s lifestyle publication, uncovering the greatest products in adventure, tech, gear, automotive, and style. And, of course, it comes with its own sheath for secure and discreet safekeeping. To call push knives good for anything other than self-defense is a little bit of a stretch. The handle is G-10 and it has a ball bearing lock for quick action out and … It happens. Get used to drawing and deploying it. Carrying an extra magazine can help, but I like knowing I have other options to defend myself once I'm out of ammo. Had a 45 under my shirt but sure would like to have a blade like that as a surprise to the next punk ass bully who thinks he wants to fuck with and old man. Their original TDI, however, is more like a worst-case contingency plan designed specifically for law enforcement. Its curved blade is serrated and developed for elite undercover law-enforcement agents. July 3, 2013. Some of the larger blades are a great fit for your bug out bag, your vehicle, or WWIII. The Benchmade Griptilian is probably Benchmade’s best selling knife. This is a weapon. John Benner of the Tactical Defense Institute is fond of saying that when a knife comes out in combat, everyone is getting cut. The only completely manual folder on our list, the Al Mar SERE 2000 is on our list for one simple fact: it’s one of the absolute toughest tactical folders ever made. And that means this knife can be made ready just as quickly as you can extract it from its place of storage. The classic Sinkevich styling only makes the knife better. Knives – Most Versatile Self Defense Weapon. Your email address will not be published. If the SHTF there’s one, and only one, knife I would need at my side, and that’s the Gerber LMF 2. The second is how low it carries and how easy it is to access. Spyderco P’Kal. Here are just three of the situations that you would be glad you are carrying a self defense knife. Carry a blade in your purse or store it in your glovebox – you’ll gain peace of mind immediately. Not at all. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that you make sure your everyday carry — whether it’s for self-defense or otherwise — meets the local rules as set out by the government. However, not many fixed blades will fit in an average pocket, which is why those that can hang from your neck, attach to your belt, or even hide around your ankle are best for our purposes. It is a backup when you can’t access your gun. A typical response for anyone wearing a neck knife would be to whip that bad boy out and stab. KA-BAR has a long and storied history of making some of the world’s best and most important combat blades. Not soft gentlemanly...but the tough, quiet gentlemanly. The handle is a rigid aluminum with some nice grippy inserts. Gear. Blade Length: 4″. This is all the explanation that can really be given. Cuts made with this knife are going to be deep and painful as it is razor sharp right out of the box. Personal Protection Blades Kershaw Secret Agent Knife. Not being up to speed on this topic could lead to a felony and a loss of your rights. The Cold Steel Recon 1 is one of the best folding knives for self-defense in terms of grip. Blade Length: 2.1″. Just be aware that the public, law enforcement, and potentially a jury of your peers may perceive a fixed blade differently than a folder. ©2020 Hiconsumption LLC. It's exceptionally tough with G-10 handles and rare S35VN steel. The blade waves open, thumb plate open or you can flick it open with the snap of your wrist. Chris Reeve Professional Soldier. Blade Length: 2.41″. They say never bring a knife to a gunfight, but I disagree. Complete with a Secure-Ex sheath system, this easily-concealable blade was designed with tactical and law-enforcement purposes in mind. Type: Folding, Automatic The Home Security Superstore is a leading purveyor of tactical knives and extreme opps gear, designed to withstand any adventure. I am 67 years old now and am finding out that younger people have no respect. Disguised as a beautiful leaf, this sharp knife is a versatile accessory and weapon that can be worn every day. And they don’t get much better than Cold Steel’s Drop Forged Push Knife. The elite Swiss dive watch gets a retro-inspired customization treatment. They’re Tools. The 4CR14 3” blade is not as hard as it could be and doesn’t hold an edge exceptionally well. So you could say that the largest one is medium-sized, while the other two can be considered small. And they’re something we believe that, within reason, everyone should carry with them at all times. The big difference is the more elegant aluminum handle. Therefore, this is the best pocket knife for women if the purpose of buying the knife is for self-defense purposes. This knife is very well made and very strong. Spyderco Civilian Personal Defense Knife. Blade Steel: 52100 High Carbon By all means carry a knife, but be aware of what can happen. What can be accomplished with a 6 plus inch field knife is different than what can be accomplished with a 3-4 inch … If your favorite knife isn’t on this list, but is similar, it's probably fine for the purpose. Do not dismiss them. Throughout the years, Spyderco has collaborated with other knife manufacturers and self-defense experts to produce effective self-defense knives. The blade is 4.52 inches and is made of D2 tool steel. That said, I sometimes carry a KA-BAR TDI. If you can make it to the Martial Blade Camp where Michael Janich teaches, it will change your world. Guns are tools, and no tool is going to always run smoothly all of the time. Knives can also be strategically kept in a nightstand for easy access in the event of a suspected … A knife is most useful when trying to retain your firearm. As such, a self-defense knife, most often, should be on the smaller end of the spectrum. — could theoretically be used for such a purpose, there are also a number that were created with this contingency specifically in mind. If you found this article helpful, please share it using the buttons below! SOG Twitch II. A good number of these knife designs make them suitable for certain situations and for specific kinds of … Kershaw generally makes fairly budget friendly knives, but some of its Ken Onion designs are actually quite good. Handle Material: G10 If you want to find out why, as well as the best options of self defense knives for concealed carry, then continue reading! It never hurts to bring backup. This unique self-defense knife also benefits from an exceptional blade made from D2 tool steel with a titanium nitride coating, a lightweight aluminum handle, and an entirely unprecedented deployment system. Type: Fixed, Push Microtech Combat Troodon. Ever see the movie “Marathon Man”?? Your email address will not be published. As you might guess from its name, it was built specifically for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape operatives and was made with input from Colonel Nick Rowe in the early 1980s for the U.S. Army’s SERE school. thank you in advance, Helpful list. Even if seen, it isn’t the most imposing knife by looks. I like the ring for retention and being able to manipulate the slide of my pistol. It uses the same AUS-8 steel, but only about 2.5 inches worth. Latest. HiConsumption is reader-supported. Hopefully, you will never be in a situation where you need it. My buddy carries a small folding knife in his pocket, an Opinel #6, that he uses to cut fruit and open packages. Small knives are not ideal for self-defense and would be few martialists’ first choices. They offer a fast, easy, small, stealthy, incognito weapon at hand. Regardless, you need to practice with a knife like you would your pistol. However, the big surprise is just how cheap this knife is! This is a very popular self defense knife that comes in 3 sizes, and my friend recently bought the largest one that has a 3.5 inch blade. Handle Material: 52100 High Carbon This article covers either knives to carry with your firearm, or if you absolutely can not be carrying your gun. That being said, in some places folding knives and other concealed blade knives such as butterfly knives are usually illegal to carry in public. In fact, many knife fighting experts say that you’re better off defending yourself using only hand-to-hand tactics than you are trying to defend yourself with a small … Owing to the creativity of many knifemakers and designs from different knife-fighting arts and disciplines, there’s a ton of different kinds of blades to choose from when it comes to EDC and self-defense. Machined from solid titanium billet and paired with G10 scales. If you start strapping thing to your wrist it will either snag in your shirt sleeve or deploy when you don’t want it to injuring yourself or others.That sort of thing may look great in the movies but in reality not so much for real life self defence or combat applications. Knives are nifty. The blade is about 3.5 inches. You should carry it daily. For starters, it’s compact enough that you could theoretically slip it into your pocket — measuring up at just 6.9″ in total. As a tactical knife it will cut exceptionally well, but for EDC, you need to keep the blade away from hard materials or it will roll. The blade locks firmly in place and is at least 3” long. The blade is 3.5 inches of incredible AUS-8 steel with a titanium coating. A 3.5-inch Aus-8 blade, G-10 handles, triad lock system, are all normal. For a list of some great firearms to carry, check out our other article 21 Best Concealed Carry Guns in 9mm., No offense but AUS 8 steel is not that good or high end. It has good texturing and a deep finger groove to help. Dustin Hoffman, William Devane, Laurence Olivier?? The blade is a hair under the 3 inch mark. The Best YETI Black Friday Deals: Bargains on Fishing, Hunting, and Other Outdoor Gear . Spyderco Matriarch. Despite its small 2.5 inch blade, it can deliver much deeper cuts. Handle Material: Synthetic Polymer It deploys faster than a folder and it’s a great option if legal in your area. The whole blackwash is gorgeous and the slightly re-curved handle makes it feel dangerous. It also features a flow-through design that makes it extremely easy to maintain and clean and helps keep it from getting gunked up, even when exposed to mud. Where the SOG Flash was all hard lines and tactical looks, the SOG Twitch II is a little more gentlemanly. Are there better knives than these on the market? It boasts a high-carbon, heat-treated steel dagger-style blade, has a grippy synthetic polymer handle, and comes with a durable molded sheath that makes it easy, convenient, and discreet to carry. A tiny knife is still a knife and must be treated with respect. Blade Steel: Elmax Much like a handgun, this knife is designed for one thing: self-defense. Best Concealed Carry Insurance Compared (2020), Best Gun Belts For Concealed Carry (2020), Best Self Defense Knives For Concealed Carry (2020), 21 Best Concealed Carry Guns in 9mm (2020). The truth is a little different with a firm, secure handle and 3.5 inches of 154CM steel that stays razor sharp. There are many great self defense knives available. Type: Folding, Manual You should always take a knife to a gunfight. That depends on your local laws, but I would honestly say that you are better off with a fixed blade if used for defense. Your attacker will also attempt to prevent you from drawing your firearm as well...or even knock the gun away from you. Knives Are Easy To Conceal. A small folding blade or even some kinds of fixed blades are easy to conceal and carry in almost any situation. Blade Length: 3.8″. Or, let us know what knife you carry in the comments section down below, and maybe we will add it to the list in future updates. However, knives certainly have their place in your protection plan. Legality: You should always take into account the local laws when purchasing a knife, and that goes double when it comes to one used for self-defense. Its back lock design makes it very simple to use, while the Spyderco’s spyderhole makes it quick to open. Finding a happy medium is certainly key. This one boasts a high-end Elmax dagger-style blade, an anodized aluminum handle, and even has a glass-breaker tip — meaning it’s also perfect for emergency survival situations, especially in urban areas. Have setup for weak side carry. Smaller knives are also more easy to conceal, which makes them more carry friendly. For instance, a smaller blade is less likely to be lethal — meaning you can protect yourself with a decreased risk of killing, which is a positive in our book. So if you’re looking for a self-defense knife, it’s a good idea to look for one that you can keep in an accessible place. Handle Material: G10 Blade Length: 3.2″. Push dagger knives are particularly suited for law enforcement, military, and self-defense applications. Handle Material: Aluminum Preferably you should get some type of training with that knife, though good knife training is hard to find. Here is my advice on knives:  You should carry a knife...the best one that you can afford that meets your lifestyle. Naturally, it can come in handy if someone tries to attack you. Its looks make it seem less like a weapon, but the relatively strong liner-lock will keep the blade firmly in place. It has never opened a box or cored an apple. What Makes a Knife a Concealed Carry Knife? And that also means it’s an excellent self-defense knife. That means that something like a Swiss army knife definitely will not do. Speed: Self-defense situations can arise at a moment’s notice, making the speed at which you can use your EDC knife all the more important. That says it all. Zero Tolerance Unisex Sinkevich. Have a Coldsteel serrated tiger claw. Blade Length: 4.4″. never run from a fight in my life and too old to start now. I carried a SOG Seal Pup on my plate carrier, a SOG Tac Ops Auto and Benchmade Infidel on my body. The late and sorely missed firearms trainer Paul Gomez was a proponent of this two knife carry, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. KA-BAR has a long and storied history of making some of the world’s best and most important combat... Gerber Ghoststrike Knife. Best Self Defense Knives KA-BAR TDI. The Spyderco Delica 4 has long been a favorite among the military and law enforcement. A blanket statement off the bat:  A concealed carry knife is a weapon by design and intent. tried to be civil and apologize but he wouldn’t have it, till I told him to get fucked. The Savage A22 BNS-SR Brings “Real Rifle Feel” in a .22 LR Platform . A small self defense knife is a much, much helpful friend, when you go away from your home or city. Some states allow carrying of a concealed knife with a CCW license, while others are specific only to firearms. TOP 5: Best Push Dagger Knife for Self Defense Are you looking for the best push dagger knives for self defense of 2020? Of course, some of these pieces of gear are better for the task than others. The SOG Flash II Tanto is a great example of what this old company is doing with new materials. He also carries a more robust folder in his other side pocket, the model varies. This will help guarantee your self defense knife is always ready for duty. This one also has the benefit of an included lanyard that makes it even easier to deploy when needed. However, if you live somewhere you can carry an automatic knife of this type, they’re exceptional when it comes to self-defense. Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV Here Are the Best Self Defense Knives (Fixed Blade and Folding) 1. It’s no beefy bowie knife, but it’s great to have in a pinch. Benchmade Infidel. This pocket knife differs from many other pocket knives on the market as it is specifically designed for self-defense. The blade length of the Bowie knife should be between 5 and 12 … Blade Length: 3″-3.6″. Its patented triad lock system is exceptionally strong. This is for someone on a tight budget that needs a reliable knife. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, micro-sized blades might not pack the punch you need in a dire situation. Blade Steel: 420HC With a 3.25 inch S35VN blade with DLC coating and a carbon fiber handle, it's attractive, lightweight, and fantastically strong. A tapered design and four-way stretch ensure an unrivaled range of motion. Some states have very specific laws while others are very broad as to when a knife is considered a deadly weapon. It’s also among the cheapest AUS-8 folders around. Perry milner . The angle of the handle provides more power to the blade and allows it to be concealed behind an officer's magazine pouch. 17in Bowie folder. Handle Material: Titanium As such, this AUS-8A and Zytel fixed blade is made for speed and stealth, making it an excellent self-defense knife for anyone. Most situations that occur, where you will need to use your gun in self defense, happen in very close proximity. The fully serrated SpyderEdge provides maximum cutting power. KA-BAR JAROSZ. Blade Length: 2.35″. Spyderco Delica 4. The largest one is 3 1/16 inch closed … While most of the Cold Steel lineup are just copies of the Recon or outlandish blades, the Cold Steel Finn Wolf is a little surprising. Self-Defense Knives: Our best self-defense knives include sling blades with an attached flashlight and concealed pen knives. Type: Fixed, Boot Cold Steel Finn Wolf. This is a dream knife with its S35VN crucible steel with a tungsten coating for wear resistance. They are costly, but the Zero Tolerance Unisex Sinkevich is easily one of the top 5 folders on the planet. ZT started out as a small, almost cottage producer. No matter how skilled you think you are with a knife, it is really only good in three specific situations. The Cold Steel Recon 1 had quite the reputation thanks to some TV coverage, but it lived up to the hype. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Atomic Bear Folding Knife with Half Serrated Stainless Steel Blade and G10 Handle Perfect for Rescue, Self Defense, Hunting, Survival, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Climbing, Work 4.5 out of 5 stars 571 $18.99$18.99 $24.99$24.99 Get … 1.Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife Deluxe Kit with Ankle Wrap [30-001006] It is a little large with a 4-inch blade, but manages to be very thin while still secure in the hand. Advantages of the Push Dagger for Self-defense The Modern Survivalist Posted on July 11, 2017 by FerFAL July 11, 2017 I was going through my knife collection the other day and came across an oldie but goodie: The Cold Steel Safe Keeper Push Dagger. About Self-Protection Knives:Buy Knives for Self-Defense. With a higher than normal clip, it carries very deep in the pocket for a more covert carry. You might protect yourself, but you could pay dearly. Had a guy waiting for me outside my pickup in a grocery store parking lot. A knife, especially one you would normally carry, is an imperfect tool. I carry this knife quite often. Whatever the case, for those interested in finding the best self-defense fixed blade knives, that are still sturdy while small, you have come to the right place. Compact and concealable, the t-handle style push dagger makes an excellent last ditch implement in close quarters combat. However, thanks to its popularity with the military, it has quickly grown. This knife is either quick to open or auto-open. In the off chance that your carry gun malfunctions, a backup weapon could save your life. Been carrying Spyderco and kershaw forever and good to see them on the list. When the idea of the Zero Tolerance KVT was born, I think ZT told the designer to do whatever the hell he wanted, no matter the cost, and they would find a way to sell it. Does your knife have to be a folder? Type: Fixed, Neck It is designed to maximize cutting performance with all areas of its edge. It does sharpen very easy, carries well, though it’s a bit heavy. It is equivalent to 440c. anyone tell me where I might find a contraption like this?? Tactical Knives: 18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense. To STOP the threat. Titanium handle, 3.5-inch harpoon blade, deep carry, and impressive looks...I don’t know who the designer was, but I am betting Rick Hinderer. A gun is a gun. There are also alternative benefits to this. Self-Defense. As we previously mentioned, manual knives are at a disadvantage when it comes to self-defense purposes thanks to their relatively slow speed of deployment. The KA-BAR Jarosz is an elegant knife that is quite sturdy. If you are, you will be glad you have it! But this offering from Spyderco mitigates that issue with the inclusion of the Emerson Opener — a hook integrated into the blade that allows the blade to deploy as you remove it from your pocket. As well as being able to do a mag change while my blade is deployed. Al Mar SERE 2000. His carry gun is his Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS or his Sig P365 depending on the weather. Blade Steel: 440C After all, the styling of these blades is really only good for one thing: thrusting. Sure, you should attempt to clear the malfunction first, but some malfunctions could cost you your life if you don't have a backup plan. This uniquely-styled blade boasts a stout 440C tanto blade mated to a lightweight titanium handle and has a silhouette that, while small, fits nicely in the hand and hides away in its Kydex sheath easily. And the Microtech Combat Troodon might be the best all-around option out there. These features tend to open knives faster vs manual opening or a traditional concealed carry knives. Many people today are carrying a single pistol with no backup gun. Ka-Bar TDI. Easy access with your off hand to your knife could be a life saver. Similarly, automatic knives and assisted-opening knives can also open at a moment’s notice. OTF (short for out-the-front) knives are one of the most widely prohibited styles of knives out there, as the government likes to associate them exclusively with person-to-person combat and, therefore, sees them as a threat. Break them at your own peril. There are no hard and fast rules, and with so many different knives on the market, there is no way to cover them all. With a 3.5 inch AUS-8 steel blade, you can get significant cutting depth. It’s mid-tier; a lot more durable than people give it credit for, not premium but not as bad as people think. In a life and death fight, a small pen knife is not going to do you much good. Fixed blades are excellent for this purpose because they don’t require you to open them in order to use them. That being said, their ergonomic “between-the-fingers” grip does make them exceptional in this task. I Carrie sog snarl every day also Benchmade 940 I feel I ok live in Sydney Australia. Type: Folding, Assisted and what is the best defense tool for this? Probably. All rights reserved. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Self-defense is the main reason many people carry neck knives. If you’re looking for a solution that’s a bit less lethal for your protection needs, you can find it on our list of the best self-defense flashlights. Best Self Defense Knives Spyderco Matriarch 2 Based on the knives' unique qualities and functionality, each one has its place in the world of survival. Don’t be upset if I left off your favorite pocket blade, just carry it if it works for you. We have seen terrorist attacks and mass shootings that do not match the typical scenarios. Coolest Tactical Knives for Survival and Self-Defense Microtech Ultratech D/E. They have a surprising amount of power, however, and may be the only equalizer available in some situations. Before we begin, let me start with the fact that a firearm is a much better tool to have for self defense. It’s also made in the USA, which is a nice bonus. It opens quite fast and is slim and not too obtrusive. Reply. Benchmade Griptilian. Even though it looks weird and kind of small, this knife takes over your muscles’ energy and puts it all in the hit and cut. Best Self Defense Knives: Summary Spyderco Matriarch. Shredworthy staples to keep your feet happy out on the slopes. It was called “The Portable Hand,” a holder of small things, which became popular with jewelers, hobbyists, and other businesses that require precision holding of small objects. Returning to small self defense knives, the KA-BAR is one of the best you can have. Type: Fixed, Boot The blade flicks open nicely by using either of the thumb studs. It's tactile, rugged and sharp. Just don’t think you can start taking down the criminal underworld with this blade in tow and you should be just fine. We’d never encourage anyone to go looking for a fight, but we’d be remiss in our duties if we didn’t recognize the potential necessity for a self-defense blade. It comes in two sizes, a trio of colorways, and has grippy G10 handle scales for excellent grip in any conditions. The handle is a grippy fiber-reinforced nylon that is very strong with a robust feel. Spyderco Matriarch 2. Calling CRKT’s Provoke a folding knife is maybe a bit of a misnomer, as it doesn’t really fold so much as collapses on itself. The latter reason is the sole purpose as to why many police officers choose to carry a knife.